Critical Illness

With the Critical Illness Insurance Program, emergency service personnel can receive a lump sum cash benefit when diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or life threatening cancer. Please refer to the proposal for a detailed explanation of cancers covered. Coverage is provided on a 24 hour on- and- off duty basis. Of course, like all insurance policies, there are certain conditions of coverage among them:

Conditions of Coverage:heart healthy insurance


  • The coverage must be in effect for a covered person for at least 90 days prior to the diagnosis of the condition.
  • The covered person must survive for a period of 30 days after the diagnosis (A VFIS Group Term Life Insurance Policy is intended to provide survivor benefits in the event the covered person does not survive).
  • The covered person is under age 75 when first diagnosed with cancer.

  • Who is Eligible? (Covered person)

All members of an emergency service organization whose name appears on the roster submitted at policy inception will be considered covered persons. New members are eligible for coverage at the next anniversary date upon receipt of an updated roster. Coverage terminates on the policy expiration date when a member is no longer with the organization and therefore not listed on the renewal census.