specialty benefits for firefighters, water entities and non-profits


Glatfelter Specialty Benefits

Glatfelter Specialty Benefits, a division of Glatfelter Insurance Group, offers a wide range of benefit solutions for non-profit organizations across the country. 

Our objective is to provide valuable benefit programs tailored to meet the needs of each of these organizations. We are pleased to offer Specialty Benefits designed for targeted Glatfelter programs as well as unique exposure for other non-profit organizations.

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  • A Critical Illness policy is designed to provide a lump sum living benefit for members who are diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart attack or stroke. This coverage is not limited to fire service related conditions; benefits are paid regardless of the cause of the illness.
  • Group Life Insurance is guarantee issue for volunteer and career personnel with available limits up to $50,000.
  • Length of Service Awards Programs (LOSAP) are pension-type programs that provide retirement benefits to volunteers who serve a number of years with an organization. Benefits can be payable to the retiree monthly or as a lump sum.

Glatfelter Public Practice

  • Occupational Accidental Death, Disability and Medical coverage for board members of special districts (water, sewer, irrigation, conservation and reclamation).
  • Specialized coverage for police auxiliary, deputies, rescue teams and other part-time and volunteer public servants.
  • Student Accident and Travel Insurance.

Glatfelter Healthcare Practice

  • Accidental Death, Medical and Disability coverage for volunteers.
  • Occupational coverage for independent contractors.

Glatfelter Religious Practice

  • Missionary Medical Coverage serves to ensure that help is readily available in the event of an unforeseen emergency. Coverage includes medical expense reimbursement as well as repatriation if needed as a result of serious injury or political unrest.

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Accidental Death, Medical and Disability coverage for volunteers.