Accident insurance coverage


Accident Coverage


Protecting your personnel is critical to the success of your organization. At Glatfelter Specialty Benefits, there is a wide array of plans available to address group-sponsored activities and events. These plans can provide a range of benefits including: Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Medical, Dental and Disability. Coverage provides a comfort, not only to the participants, but to the sponsor and community as well.

Why promote specialized accident coverage?student playing basketball
  • Meets the needs of organizations, members and participants that want and need accident insurance.
  • Requires minimal administration for you and your clients.
  • Helps manage risk.
  • Builds membership and attracts participants.
  • Eases concern about accidents.
  • Provides assurance that financial and medical needs will be addressed in case of an accident.
Specialty Benefits are designed for:

Glatfelter Public Practice

  • Occupational Accidental Death, Disability and Medical Coverage for board memembers of special districts (water, sewer, irrigation, conservation and reclamation).
  • Specialized coverage for police auxillary, deputies, rescue teams and other part-time and volunteer public servants.
  • Occupational Coverage for directors and volunteers on funeral districts.
  • Student Accident and Travel Insurance


  • Critical Illness Coverage for emergency service volunteers providing Lump Sum Benefits for certain forms of cancer, stroke and heart attacks.
  • 24-Hour Accidental Death, Disability and In Hospital Income for volunteer firefighters and other emergency service personnel.

Glatfelter Healthcare Practice

  • Accidental Death, Medical and Disability Coverage for volunteers.
  • Occupational Coverage for independent contractors.