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Cancer and Critical Illness

Critical illness policies are designed to provide a lump sum living benefit when a participant is diagnosed with cancer or suffers a heart attack, stroke or kidney disease. Coverage is available for firefighters and emergency service personnel, non-profits and employees of other various business groups. Forget about the red tape — benefits are paid regardless of the cause.

Conditions of Coverage:

  • The coverage must be in effect for a covered person for at least 90 days prior to the diagnosis of the condition.

  • The covered person must survive for a period of 30 days after the diagnosis (A VFIS Group Term Life Insurance Policy is intended to provide survivor benefits in the event the covered person does not survive).

  • The covered person is under age 75 when first diagnosed with cancer.


  • All members of an emergency service organization whose name appears on the roster submitted at policy inception will be considered covered persons.

  • New members are eligible for coverage at the next anniversary date upon receipt of an updated roster.

  • Coverage terminates on the policy expiration date when a member is no longer with the organization and therefore not listed on the renewal census.